Monday, January 15, 2018

Old Homes

My sister recently shared a very addictive Facebook page.  It is called For The Love Of Old Houses.  They share such an eclectic mix of old homes in many different styles.  Most of them are for sale and the page also features vintage clothing and automobiles.  My husband and I already enjoying browsing Zillow sometimes just for fun.  The detail and character that used to be put into the construction of homes is so beautiful.  There are many old brick farmhouses where we live and one of my favorite features of these homes is the colorful brickwork.  Here is a similar example.



A lot of the charm in our 1930 Craftsman home has been remodeled out of it or painted over through the years.  There is a beautiful little dark wood door that was painted over on one side (even the doorknob!) that I would love to strip the paint off of someday.  A lot of the original trim still seems to exist upstairs under layers of paint along with more original doors.  The main level though was opened up in previous years and I don't think there's much left that really calls back to the house's early life.  There's still work to be done but it really is a lovely home, just the right size for our family, and we love living out here in the country.


(Photo of our home from the realtor listing.)