Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Colorful Crochet Blanket 

This yarn has been through many different scrappy blanket reiterations.  I've just never been very pleased with how it looked which led to lots of pulling out stitches and yet again temporarily abandoning the colorful yarn scraps.  Finally though, I settled on this stitch which is a favorite of mine.  It seems to go by many different names.  My trusty book of crochet stitches calls it the tweed stitch.


I recently discovered that I like to crochet blankets in a round instead of making row after row.  The blanket doesn't feel so endless when I crochet this way, and I don't end up with weirdly proportioned blankets by the time I either run out of yarn or get tired of working on the project.

Originally I was putting together the colors randomly, but when I saw how nice it looked to have complimentary colors next to each other, I took apart what I had made so far and wound up the yarn by color into separate balls.  I'm planning to use the complimentary colors together until they run out and then continue the blanket with new colors.  So it will almost be like a color block style of blanket.


I've started it over with red and purple yarn in the middle.  I'm not sure which colors I'll move onto after those have run out, but I'll let you know.