Monday, March 26, 2018

My Undying Love For Clawfoot Bathtubs

Very faint memories bounce around in my head of one of my grandmothers having a clawfoot tub in a giant old farmhouse where she once lived.  I must have been very young when I first saw this tub, and I remember thinking the clawfeet were scary, but those memories have stayed with me over the years and continue to fuel my obsession with clawfoot bathtubs.

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When we were house hunting we came across a home with a clawfoot tub.  My heart skipped a beat as we flipped through the pictures on Zillow.  We arranged to see it the day after it came onto the market but our realtor called us the morning of the showing and said that there was already an offer and asked if we still wanted to look at it.  We were in the process of inspecting a different home (the one we ended up buying) so we decided to not see the house.  My clawfoot tub dreams were dashed.

If we had a bigger main bathroom or more than one full bathroom (and a lot of money), I would be campaigning to have a clawfoot tub installed in our home.  Alas, my clawfoot tub fantasies will remain in my head.

We do have great plans for our main bathroom.  Noah has already installed a brand new countertop, sink, and faucet.  We previously had a black, oddly textured counter which has been replaced with white and grey marble-patterned laminate.  It's amazing how much light bounces off of the new counter.  The bathroom is so much brighter!  Eventually the shower, flooring, and toilet will be replaced and we will paint the walls and built-in cabinets.



I say "we", but really Noah has done most of the remodeling work so far in our home.  That's what happens when you move in a week after having your first child.  But I've been able to help with painting and organizing.  A lot of my time is spent cooking, keeping our home clean, taking care of our daughter, and dreaming of clawfoot bathtubs.