Welcome to Freckled Farmhouse!

A little about myself and our family: 

 My husband Noah is an engineer and I (Laura) am a stay-at-home-mom to our daughter Adeline.  We live in a 1930 Craftsman home in Michigan which we moved into a week after our daughter was born. 

 Noah was born and raised in Michigan.  I grew up in Texas for the first fourteen years of my life until my family relocated to Southern Illinois for employment reasons.  I later moved to Michigan when Noah and I got married.  Together we run River Leaf Photography

 When I first started thinking about starting a new blog, I was imagining having specific topics I would write about accompanied by beautifully edited images.  But honestly, when you have a husband, baby, and home to care for, that leaves little time to be so organized about blogging.  Some people can do it, but not me.  So this blog will most likely contain random ramblings about various things.  Favorite t.v. shows, cooking, crochet, sewing, motherhood, remodeling our home and such.  I'm sure certain themes will emerge over time, but for now, I'm looking forward to sharing my many thoughts with y'all! 

 Thanks for stopping by!